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  • Staff Training 2018

    Staff Training 2018

    ITWNE Training Leads to Dramatic Real-Life Rescues Written By: Thom Henley It’s not every day someone conducts four successful rescues in the largest river in Asia having only recently learned to swim. In 2016 our Cambodian trip [...]

  • Happy New Year 2018

    Happy New Year 2018

    On behalf of all the staff here at In Touch With Nature Education (ITWNE), and our partner agents in 22 countries, we want to thank all the schools that entrusted us with the care and education of your students over the past year. 2017 [...]

  • Getting Off the Beaten Path

    Getting Off the Beaten Path

    Having had the great good fortune of being able to travel to 133 countries so far in my life, I am always amazed that in the 21st Century (with a world population that has tripled since I was born), there are still extraordinary destinations where [...]

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