Who We Are

We are both fortunate and proud to have a staff that ranges from experienced educators to traditional forest dwellers that possess a wealth of knowledge and skills but have never had a day of classroom schooling.

What Sets Us Apart

In Touch With Nature Education was founded by Thom Henley, an award-winning environmental and human rights advocate, lecturer and author of ten books.  Thom’s extensive travel experiences in more than 130 countries, his adoption into indigenous societies (Haida, Penan, Mentawai and Newari) combined with 30 years of developing and operating outdoor education camps world wide has resulted in the creation of a program unlike any other.
Our program proudly employs indigenous staff in every location we operate, paying far above average wages and providing social benefits to long-term employees such as annual medical coverage and overseas training programs.  Rigorous health and safety standards, as well as a professionally trained core team help ensure that students’ experiences are fun, safe and educational.  In Touch With Nature Education Inc. supports local communities and family businesses on all of our trips.  Environmental and community service projects, in some capacity, are built into every trip.

Employing experience and enthusiastic educators guarantees the high level of instruction that is a hallmark of our trips.  Employing indigenous peoples grounds our programs in local customs and culture, supports local communities and provides students with a knowledge base of the land and sea that no academic on earth can match.

All of our core staff undergo rigorous training programs to help guarantee the health, safety and quality of our trips.  Many of our staff are graduates of the Outdoor Leadership Development Program at United World College in Canada as well as certified in Emergency First Response, CPR/AED and passed professional lifeguard courses.

What Makes Our Trips Different

  • LOCATIONS that are world class
  • KNOWLEDGABLE trip leader to guide you on an educational adventure
  • LOCAL staff to help deepen your connection to the destination
  • NATURE based adventure activities to challenge and reconnect you
  • TRAINED staff to guarantee a safe travel environment
  • COMMUNITY based service projects that are created and conducted with the locals
  • EXPERIENCES that nourish the soul and enrich the mind


We can turn any adventure into an outdoor classroom.  Trips are tailored to meet your specific learning objectives.

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