Written By: Thom Henley

What is it about children discovering an insect or a small frog that draws them to it in wonder? They want to see it up close, touch it and photograph it, while teenagers are often repelled, and want to run away: “Oh my God, a bug! Somebody kill it!”

I have seen those reactions on recent trips with school groups the past few months. In early February we had an opportunity to work with Montessori Academy Bangkok International School (MABIS) and it was a joy for all of our staff! Of course, more caregiving is required of small children, but their eagerness to learn and take on challenges is contagious. Young as they were, the MABIS students kayaked through complex mangroves and cooked their own lunch in green bamboo over an open fire. They visited a sea turtle breeding center, did a massive beach clean up and made sand sculptures of all the sea turtle species that nest on south Thailand beaches. The future could well be in good hands.