Mission Accomplished!  HIS does it again!

Hilversum International School (HIS) from the Netherlands has a long and meaningful relationship with a small village in northeast Cambodia. Over the past few years they have partnered with ITWNE to conduct a number of service projects here, including creating an English classroom and funding Ty Aun (our Cambodia guide), to offer English language lessons for local kids. That has proven so successful that we are now able to employ some of these young people as guides on our trips.


In late February and early March of this year, Hilversum students returned to Cambodia to create a very impressive Community Craft Center and outfit it with four sewing machines. The need to diversify the local economy based on subsistence fishing and farming, was recognized by the villagers themselves. The prospect of a sewing center where village women could produce marketable items seemed like a good prospect to increase revenue flow for widowed mothers trying to support their children.