A World On An Island

Sri Lanka is an extraordinary place for a school study adventure. It is often called a “World on an Island” and for good reason. Where else can you raft a wild river, ride a historic train through stunning landscapes, climb mountains, pick tea and visit a tea factory, do safari drives to view the worlds largest herds of Asian elephants, leopards and crocodiles, have close encounters with blue whales, learn to surf, cook spicy Sri Lankan cuisine and visit historic sites dating back centuries?

In February, 2018 International School Bangkok students did all this and more. It was the fourth year that ISB came on this trip with ITWNE and it has become one of the school’s absolute favorites. This year the cooking class was extraordinary as students learned how to grind their own spices, grate fresh coconut, press coconut milk and prepare a number of classic dishes for their own savory dinner.

A remote village school that we have been visiting every year to offer English language classes and exercises, adore the ISB students so much that they carried them high in the air with outstretched arms – like rock stars – as we headed for the mini vans to depart. Returning to a school or community every year is what builds trust and long-term relationships. It means the world to local kids and international students develop heart-felt connections to a place, in this case a very special place… a world on an island.