Service Learning Adventure Tours

ITWNE was proud to lead the International School Kuala Lumpur (ISKL) in November 2017 on three of their ‘Global Citizens Week’ service learning trips to Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia. ISKL has a strong focus on service projects as part of their educational adventures and ITWNE staff worked with local communities to develop beneficial projects that really make a difference. Service learning experiences combine immersing in local cultures and learning about local livelihoods, while helping to build capacity of both the students and local community members.

The reefs of Bunaken Island off the coast of Sulawesi, Indonesia provided the optimal learning environment for an adventurous group of ISKL students who took part in a diving service project adventure. After a day of warm up diving, the group engaged in service projects both below and above the crystal clear waters of this island paradise. The group collected trash from the reefs and spent the day with local school children for a hike and educational activities at the beach including a cleanup.  ISKL students have left a positive mark on Bunaken for the third year in a row!

In Cambodia the ISKL group help to construct a coop to house chickens that will provide eggs for the local women in the community to sell as an additional source of income. ITWNE local guide Ty, worked along side the local group to identify their needs and interests and also lead the ISKL group in the building of the structure. This project will provide fresh eggs to the community and local resort.

The Northern Thailand trip first took the group into a Karen Hill Tribe village to help care for elephants, before rafting down the Pai River with an overnight camp.  Finally the students visited a Black Lahu village where they engaged in a service project that helped to repair a community trail used by villagers.  This off the beaten track trip reveals a different side from the hustle and bustle of the tourism in northern Thailand.  Our local guides are villagers themselves and cordially welcome ITWNE groups to participate in their culture.