There’s never been a better time in human history for ease of travel and access to global destinations than right now, and there’s no better time for most people to travel the world in comfort than their financially independent ‘Golden Years’. If there’s but a single regret people often speak of in old age it’s that they didn’t get out and see more of the world while they still had their health and ability to do so.

What holds most people back is the uncertainty of how to go about organizing an overseas trip, and the fear of being taken advantage of by unscrupulous travel agents. Our company has been operating senior citizen trips to a dozen destinations for over a decade, and we find senior citizen groups as energetic and excited about new places as students. Just like teenagers, seniors forget personal items along the way, constantly have to be reminded of what’s next and to be on time. But similarities end there as seniors have a freedom that only comes with the privilege of age… no longer needing to adhere to rules set by parents, teachers and bosses, they are truly free and believe they’ve earned the right to be a bit crazy.

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