As we roll out our new trip ‘Islands of Hobbits & Dragons,’ that takes you to the islands of Komodo and Flores in Indonesia, we were excited to see a recent article by the Guardian on the real life hobbits that lived on Flores!


At Liang Bua Cave in 2004, researches unearthed some 50,000 year old fossils that pointed to a race of tiny humans, known as ‘Homo floresiensis’ but quickly nicknamed ‘Hobbits.’  They made stone tools and had very small brains, only one third the size of ours.  A more recent discovery was made of even smaller jaw bones, some 50km from the Liang Bua cave site, in Mata Menga a large basin overshadowed by the volcanoes on Flores.  A team from Australia, Indonesia and Japan worked with 140 locals to excavate the fossils from the sandstone laid down by a stream 700,000 years ago.  This pre-dates any trace of Homo Sapiens and is an amazing discovery!


Hobbit Tooth Photograph: Kinez Riza