Nature Therapy is Waiting for You!

Getting out into nature should not be just about meeting a curriculum requirement or having a work out, it can be a beneficial experience for the body, mind and spirit.  The team at Nature Ed has always believe that nature is a force for good and we have been enabling both students and adults alike to really get ‘In Touch with Nature!’

We were so pleased to see this vital resource for a healthy life being highlighted in a recent article by National Geographic Magazine (  The article ‘This is your brain on nature’ proves how just a 15 minute walk in the forest can have a substantial positive effect on your overall health and reduces stress, anxiety and depression.  In this age of constant bombardment from electronic devices, we need to reconnect with the nature world around us and allow nature to nurture us!

Nature Ed’s educational tours are designed for the ultimate immersion experience so that students can get in touch with nature in the perfect outdoor classroom… the world!  Take your students or group on a learning in the outdoors to one of our many destinations.