Transformational Learning Experiences For Groups of All Ages

In Touch with Nature Education Inc. was established over a decade ago to provide high quality education experience in the outdoors, to expand environmental and cross cultural awareness and to bring a delightful sense of family fun to foreign travel.  We offer educational tours to 22 destinations and have served over 30 international schools from 15 nations.

Our logo, a tree within a Bodha leaf, symbolises finding peace, serenity and heartfelt connections in Nature.  We believe that a serious shortcoming of modern education is the lack of hands-on learning experiences in the outdoors and quality time there for students to develop deep feelings for the natural world.



Our goal is to reconnect people of all ages to the wonder of nature through travel and immersion experiences.


Our deep connection to the destination allows you to immerse in the local environment and culture.


Our trips can include meaningful service projects developed with the community for a dual benefit.


Our combination of education in the outdoors offers a fun interactive learning experience for groups of all ages.


We offer trips to 22 countries around the world with 45 destinations and itineraries to choose from:
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We operate through direct bookings by parties of 12 or more.  “Week Without Walls”, GAP and CAS programs fit perfectly into our week long itineraries. Our science class field trips are legendary as are our special holiday programs for teachers and their families.


Age is only in the mind! Recognising the young at heart in all of us, we also run boutique tours for “Boomers & Beyond.” Travel adventure and the desire to learn through experiences in nature are not restricted to youth. We offer a number of adventures that are perfectly suited to seniors who are relatively fit and young at heart:
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We aim to create new experiences, from an international trip to an interesting news story there is always something new to learn:

“Absolutely brilliant – fun, stimulating, challenging, thought provoking and educational – inadequately describes Reefs to Rainforests. Voted ‘Best Week Without Walls’ by student participants every year.”
Anne Hayden Gilbert, International School Bangkok Teacher, chaperone on seven Reefs to Rainforest Trips
“We would all like to say a big thank you for making the trip so successful. We learned so much from you. It made the trip not only fun and educational, but also an experience. The staff created a real family atmosphere for us. It was a if we were part of a village, learning and playing together. These guys took care of the family and helped our kids experience so much; they made a positive difference in our lives. We loved it!”
Michael Lambert, Hong Kong
“These trips, with their small group size, trained guides and skillful leader, provide older adults an intimate experience bonding with nature, people of their cultures and each other. They offer another great adventure in life, where no one is too old to enjoy.”
Kathleen Premer, Executive Director Oceana County on Aging Hart, Michigan, USA
“I really am missing the trip already. I really felt as if we all were connected like a family. It’s just such a shame that this trip was so short. I have learnt so much from you and the ‘Thai brothers,’ and as a whole, this trip has left me inspired by something (something I still don’t know what it is right now… I’m still just saying “wow!” in my head all of the time!)”
Ewa, United Nations International School, Hanoi, Vietnam
“Your tailored-made trip for us helped our family connect more deeply to our home, planet Earth. With you as our teacher we made new connections as well as new discoveries. You created a rich experience for us; it was the Discovery Channel, 24/7.”
Kay Lambert, Lower Primary, Hong Kong International School
“Our society demands too much in terms of possessions and we can still be happy with less. The Mentawai people were the kindest, most beautiful people I have ever met. I am afraid they are in danger of losing their identity as conforming to the Western way becomes more prevalent. Thank you for sharing Mentawai Magic with us.”
Adriana Spence (age 15), United Kingdom
“This experience with a new culture has broadened my horizons, yet again. The Mentawai with their generosity, creativity, family values, and clever abilities have left an in-erasable footprint in my heart. They have been inspirational and wise in so many different ways that I could have ever imagined. This has been a rare opportunity. Thank you for teaching us so much!”
Ellen Ha (Age 16), United States